The "Seven Deadly Digital Sins"

Well, this is a fascinating project from The Guardian and the Canadian Film Board ... looking at the 'Seven Digital Deadly Sins'  - the few bits I've looked at so far seem to come down on the side that "digital is bad" and is causing us to "miss out on the real world", and that we are all presenting fake selves on Facebook - but should give some interesting material to engage with!

Pride of Place @timeshighered

The British landscape and representations of it in art give rise to a happy patriotic glow in many people. Fred Inglis shares that fervour Is it still possible to claim oneself, in polite academic company, to be a patriot? Both the present and the previous prime ministers have gestured, a bit apologetically but I think sincerely, towards such a frame of mind for themselves and even for their parties. Everyone is at pains to dissociate…