Getting a Scholarly Monograph Published

Having published my first book, with calls for a sequel of case studies … I would like to get my PhD turned into a book this year (10 years aftetr I finished the PhD), so this guidance may be helpful: It involves blood, sweat and tears, and the experience is most frequently likened to childbirth. […]

The Digital Age and the Monograph

This is interesting sounding, especially as my PhD (which I still want to turn into a book) is image heavy: For monographs, these included the ability for authors to make additional datasets available for academics to work with. Monographs could also contain extra images that it may not be possible to include in a traditional […]

Academics Writing Too Fast?

Interesting piece … look out for the words that are used! We all know that academics, under constant pressure to publish, are writing too fast, with little time and even less inclination to craft their prose as scholars of old might have done. Consequently, it is easy to complain about declining aesthetic standards, but this […]

Speed Up/Slow Down?

Is the world too fast, or the publishing process too slow? So much is going on, and so quickly, in so many different places: for me, for you, for people we know, for people we don’t know, for people whose lives we can’t even imagine, but about whom journalists, bloggers and tweeters are desperate to […]