#BeStillMcr by @PassionArtTrail #Questionnaire

I would really appreciate your help in completing a short questionnaire (12 questions, 5 minutes) around the Passionart Trail. The questionnaire is designed partly to provide information to the Passionart project, and partly to demonstrate to my students the positive uses to which market research can be put. On Qu 1, if you are under 16, or Qu […]

Quotes from Questionnaire 1997-1998

A questionnaire was circulated in 1997 and 1998, using responses from newspaper appeals and personal contacts. There are some quotes that were particularly interesting, and some of them are highlighted here. Male Respondent: ‘The one that seems very funny to me now but not at the time was VD Kills. In those days such a […]

Questionnaire, 1997

Below is a questionnaire circulated in late 1997, early 1998, to people who remembered posters from the Second World War. I got many replies, and some of the particularly interesting ones are featured here. The interviews did not materialise due to cost and time restraints, as I had so many archives to visit! Questionnaire into […]