#AdventBookClub: Day 33: Questioning

Today’s reading is really helpful – Maggi draws on Psalm 119:25-32 to deal with the question of whether it’s “better” to meet God via revelation (as the shepherd’s did), or via intellectual study (as the wise men did) … and that there is a “danger” in asking questions of our faith. My Winchester housegroup often discussed […]

Don’t Forget the Questions ….

Interesting .. considering am just ramping up for a couple of conferences, but some interesting advice on the kind of questions to expect/prepare for at conferences: Cary Cooper, distinguished professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University, maintains that “Q&As after a talk at conferences are definitely a rite of academic passage, with in some […]

What are the digital & photography doing to us?

Fascinating piece of art… The artist describes the context: Every occasion of our lives now seems to be documented with the plethora of cameras we carry around with us. Images are shared and distributed online for our family, friends and the public to see. Unsure of the implications of this life online, will photos of […]