[MEDIA] “O click, all ye faithful” in @Guardian

The other week I had quite a decent phone conversation with Harriet Sherwood, journalist at The Guardian. Some of that conversation made it into an article about religion getting involved online: In September the C of E appointed Adrian Harris as its head of digital communications to drive its strategy forward. Harris had previously led digital […]

QUOTED: Former chief Rabbi blames social media for inflaming wars

Ruth Gledhill asked me for a quote earlier today re “The former Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, has warned of of the potential of social media to inflame wars to global proportions and said: “God himself weeps at the evils being committed in His name.” Here’s some of my response: Dr Bex Lewis, research fellow with […]

Keep Calm and Party While We Still Can

What’s your favourite riff on the popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters? The list keeps growing, in a spontaneous public punning poetry project, a real world meme. “Keep Calm and Carry On Knitting” keeps the vintage British cuppa-in-a-crisis feel of the red original. So does “Keep Calm and Carry On Eating Muffins”, used to […]