[MEDIA] Talking to Graeme on Coast Access Radio #NewZealand

Late last week I spoke to Graeme Joyes on Coast Access Radio (I think it was Friday morning!) about my research, what I’m doing in New Zealand, and of course a bit of COVID19 came in there (we chatted for 38 mins): Coast Access Radio Website // Facebook

[MEDIA] Faith exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral with @BBCGlos

(Very) early this morning I had a chat with Mark Cummings on BBC Radio Gloucester about Gloucester Cathedral and a video they had removed from their Facebook page after an interfaith eventĀ (Full programme). I’m at around 5 min 40 in this clip:

[RADIO] Talking #PremDac16 with Inspirational Breakfast on @PremierRadio

This morning I was chatting with John Pantry on Inspirational Breakfast on Premier Radio, talking about the Premier Digital Awards, held each year in November, for which I am a judge this year. Entries to the conference close this Sunday, but then we’ve got the conference to look forward to too!