[MEDIA] Radio Interviews re @MarthaLaneFox #DimblebyLecture and @NSPCC Report

First thing spotted on the phone this morning – an invitation to comment on Martha Lane-Fox’s statement that we have no choice but to engage with the internet: listen to ‘Pros and Cons of the Internet after #DimblebyLecture for BBC Tees ’ on audioBoom Then there was a Tweet from one of the producers at Radio […]

The @AHRCpress Programme

I applied for this, didn’t get it, but definitely important in the current communication and HE culture… All the chosen academics assert that their colleagues have been supportive. According to Zoe Norridge, lecturer in modern and contemporary literature at the University of York, who spoke about cultural responses to the Rwandan Genocide, academic attitudes about […]

Doherty, M. Nazi Wireless Propaganda: Lord Haw-Haw and British Public Opinion in the Second World War Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2000

This  is the first book devoted exclusively to the analysis of the Nazis’ radio effort against the United Kingdom during the Second World War. It traces the development of the German propaganda service and looks to erode the myth surrounding Lord Haw-Haw -the ‘superpropagandist’. Propaganda is presented in context: the purposes behind it, the changing […]