[MEDIA] Does your teenager have a secret burner phone? in @thetimes

I spoke to Michael Odell last week about the following story, which had been partly triggered by a story in the Wall Street Journal about the police in the USA saying ‘every kid knows someone in their school they can get a burner phone from’, and looking at this within a more British context: You […]

[MEDIA] Quoted in @thesundaytimes, talking about #Sharenting

I spoke to Lorraine Candy about Sharenting, after she had seen my piece in City Parents on the same topic. If you are a subscriber to The Times, you can see the whole piece here, otherwise I have this extract: For those who want to know more, the questions I was asked/my responses:

[PRESS RELEASE] “There are no #PhoneZombies” by @MHC_UK

I wanted to give this report a bit more of a push out amongst my networks – I was quoted talking about ‘solving the problem of’ ‘mobile phone zombies’ last year: We are delighted to share with you our new report, “There are no #PhoneZombies:  Thinking for ourselves about mobile phones and mental health”, which […]