Chat Acronyms and Text Shorthand

LOL: "Laugh out Loud"... I thought lots of people were sending me "lots of love" when I first received this! HTH: "Hope this helps"... 2 years later, and thinking I was pretty savvy with the text speak, I had to look this simple one up too! If you're wondering about the latest online lingo, checkout:, there's a whole lot more there than I thought there would be!

Eclecticism in action

Well, I said that this blog was going to be an eclectic mix. I thought I'd check out my ex-housemate Gemma Shepherd to see which radio station she was now producing on, and was chuffed to see that she's now presenting... all about going for your dreams, and working your way through the not-so-good stages to get where you want to be!! Gemma, you're an inspiration!