[LIFE] Joining @REDJanuaryUK: No resolutions, just looking for challenges

Well, we know I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, right? But I do like to find challenges that work for me, and that are done in a style that I approve of!

#RedJanuary with Mind

I have joined this, because there’s a group of us in YBCN going to encourage each other on every day with an activity. To be honest, with ‘Move‘ with Beyond Chocolate, my daily Pokemon walks, and time in the gym/pool, it’s not going to mean I’m doing anything much different, but I like the way that the challenge is framed, about doing what YOU are capable of, and of the benefit to your mental health, rather than exercise as punishment for the food you ate! And it supports mental health charity ‘Mind’. I’m hoping one of these will be a first go at Open Water Swimming with Kate!


With my digital team at Manchester Metropolitan University, 8 of us will be aiming to swim 10km (between us, or more if we wish to make it more of a individual challenge) for the Swimathon Рwe will be opening up a sponsorship sheet for this.


My sister-in-law and niece are aiming to walk 150miles this month, so I’m considering ‘Race at Your Pace’ for a future month(s). It’s a shame that it doesn’t let you mix up the activities, but otherwise I like the idea of challenging yourself, rather than competing against others … and preferably joining with others to support and encourage each other on!


I also saw this come up in my feed today, thanks to the #YouMeBigC team, I might check that out in future.


I did this in 2005, shortly after moving to Manchester for the first time, and it turns out sponsorship from this is partly what funds the cold cap that I used so successfully. I’ve already done London, so I’d quite like to try Edinburgh¬†(this year or next?) or Iceland, and my sister-in-law in up for joining me for that.

Macmillan: Hiking Challenges

I’d quite like to do one of these, especially one of the overseas challenges!

A friend is also planning on cycling from Manchester to the Lake District in March to celebrate 5 years cancer free. I’m not sure I’m quite I’m to the fitness levels for that?! Looks like there’s plenty of options … must try not to over-commit in eagerness!!