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Reaching Out in the Digital Age #cnm10 #refract

Since 2007, Premier have hosted the Christian Blog Awards, this year  renamed the Christian New Media Awards – submissions are being encouraged. To complement the awards (which are by invitation only), a conference entitled “Reaching Out in the Digital Age” is being hosted on Saturday 16th October.

What am I doing for it?
I am presenting the post-lunch keynote with Maggi Dawn, which has been entitled “Case Studies” in one piece of publicity, and we will address those, but in another piece, we’re much more excitingly titled “”What’s Up and Why? The very latest media with a theological twist”, with a thought-provoking way to get the information across! I am also doing ‘Getting the most out of Facebook and Twitter’, potentially with someone from Premier…

Tweeting the Conference
The hasthtags #cnm10 (not to be confused with #cmn10!) for the whole event, and #refract for the theological strand, are already in use, so please start tweeting with them.

Who’s This For?
If you are a Church Leader, a keen enthusiast of the digital world, or a theologian/academic… or you enjoyed seeing information coming from #digisymp #cmn10 or #medialit, you are likely to enjoy it.

More Info?
Book Here. Download the #conference leaflet (1MB) and the #refract poster (287KB) in PDF format. (Visit Adobe if you need a PDF reader)

Digital Event Life(style)

Theological Refraction of the Internet 16th Oct 2010#refract

Read more about the Christian New Media Conference on October 16th in central London.  We’re going to be looking at how the internet affects us as human beings – what are the theological implications of the internet?  How can the church and the academy get involved? 

The event (#refract) is part of the Christian New Media Conference which will include workshops on the how church leaders, members and techies (interesting list that!) might engage with social media.  Workshops include looking at New Media; website and the law; creating podcasts; making viral videos; fundraising online; use of social media in the churches.  Read more.

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