Remembrance Day for the Digital Age

It seemed like a strange idea to pay to download 2 minutes of silence from iTunes, and I was expecting that it would do the ‘We Will Remember Them’ at the beginning and the Bugle call afterwards, but instead, once I realised I should be in the video option rather than the audio option, there’s a series of images of celebrities (and a soldier at the end) standing in silence, with their poppies on.

With the last WW1 soldier dying in the last year, this year is even more noticeable (than last year) in it’s focus on current conflicts, and remembering about those who are fighting for the nation (not such a strong concept maybe as it has been in the past) now.

Virtual Remembrance

In working from home, I wasn’t able to join a physical act of remembrance, but there were plenty of virtual versions, from the video above, to adding a Twibbon (to Twitter and Facebook), to a 2 minute halt to Tweets. A number of hashtags were used, the one I went with was #silence, and you can see a number of others used it:

Twitter carries the top 10 ‘trending’ topics. In the World ‘Armistice’ was trending, within the UK, you can see that the majority of topics are focused on the Act of Remembrance:

A truly 21st Century way for virtual communities (who already spend a lot of time with each other) to come together.