Copac is a freely available library catalogue, giving access to the merged online catalogues of many major UK and Irish academic and National libraries, as well as increasing numbers of specialist libraries. Copac has c.32 million records, representing the merged holdings of: members of the Research Libraries UK (RLUK). This includes the catalogues of the […]

War in the Fields and Villages: The County War Agricultural Committees in England, 1939–45

Author: Brian Short Date: October 2007 Source: Rural History / Volume 18 / Issue 02 / October 2007 pp 217-244 State intervention in the United Kingdom’s farming industry was necessitated by the problems of the interwar depression and the lead up to World War Two and the emergency wartime food programme. This brought the need for greater bureaucratic machinery which would […]

War Tourisms: ‘Englishness’, Art and the First World War

Author: Sue Malvern Date: June 2001 Source: Oxford Art Journal;2001, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p45 This article analyses how constructions of Englishness and landscape in the First World War and after were marked by a series of double displacements. British official war artists’ work was published as propaganda. In books such as The Western Front, northern […]