#DigitalParenting, Review by Dr Conrade Yap (Canada)

So, the first review for Raising Children in a Digital Age has appeared, and it’s a pretty good one 🙂 Good to see the international reach too, with this review from Dr Conrade Yap from Canada.

Exhibition: V&A: Memory Palace

This exhibition at the V&A sounds fascinating! The technological achievements of the recent past have already become the stuff of hagiography. After his death in 2011, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs attained a level of reverence usually reserved for the beatified. And like every saint, Jobs has his relics, including an Apple 1 assembled in his […]

Book Review: Networked, A contemporary history of news in transition

Looks like an interesting read, reviewed by Tim Luckhurst, who wrote an article in a similar vein the other week: In the vortex of angst generated by scandal at News International and the complicity of Britain’s political class, it is cheering to read a book that makes one feel a little more optimistic about the […]

Work's Intimacy, a review in @timeshighered

Here’s another on the wishlist!! In a lively and compelling read, Melissa Gregg examines the impact of technologies on the work and lifestyles of employees in the knowledge economy. This book covers a lot of ground in a relatively slim volume, and considers mobile working; part-time and contract working; online team interactions; the use of […]

Review of 'Alone Together'

Tara Brabazon believes communication platforms enhance interactions when used appropriately Some books are worthy and earnest. Others sling “2.0”, “digital native” or “zombie” into a title to show that the author is down with the kids. Very rarely, a book is published that plays tug of war with our beliefs. The words pull and jolt. […]