[Reviews] #Cancer Keeps you Netflix Busy!

One of the best ways to keep yourself amused whilst dealing with cancer treatment is Netflix. People are always asking for recommendations, so, although I’ve just cancelled my membership for the next couple of months (no time!), here’s the stuff I’ve enjoyed!

  • The Crown This was the series that led me to take up a temporary Netflix membership.
  • Black Mirror This was the other series I wanted to see, though no episode beats ‘Be Right Back’
  • Designated Survivor A bit daft, but enjoyable (and yes, based on a real process, if not real events)
  • Once Upon a Time This got me through the majority of chemotherapy … some say there’s too many subthreads to follow, I didn’t try!
  • Orphan Black One of my favourite things I’ve watched on Netflix, though not convinced by the ending.
  • The Good Place Holy Fork, this is good! *I’ll do the 3rd season on catchup
  • The Sinner Dark but good!
  • Suits Quite Mad Men-ish, a bit too many ‘convenient’ break throughs, but enjoyable
  • Seven Seconds Kept me intrigued throughout, quite heavy
  • How to Get Away with Murder Pretty ridiculous, but worth watching for twists and turns
  • 3% – Futuristic, in Portuguese so need enough focus on subtitles!
  • Travellers – I enjoyed the first season, didn’t quite get into the second.
  • Mad Men (well I saw them all on DVD beforehand!)

I haven’t finished


Others on my ‘to watch’ list: ManiacGrace and FrankieBlack LightningJessica JonesUnbreakable Kimmy SchmidtPowerWhite Collar; Anne with an E; The Alienist; Safe; Sense8; Breaking Bad; The Staircase; Homeland; Mindhunter; Pretty Little Liars; Grimm; Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events; The OA; TimeLess; The Night Shift; Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency; Fallen; The Rain; Hannah Gadsby Nanette; Girlboss; Monte Carlo; This is 40; The End of the F***ing World; The Fundamentals of Caring; Before I Fall; Bright; Gypsy; Beyond; Frequency; The Big Wedding; Ozark; Weeds; Dark Net; Looper; Minimalism; Forks Over Knives; Naked; Mute; Last Holiday; I’m in love with a church girl; Synchronicity; Everybody Loves Somebody; Unrest; Don’t Blame the Kid; End Game;


Camilla Kerslake: Thank You!

Signed Album from Camilla Kerslake

Just watched Camilla on BBC Breakfast yesterday. Has been fascinating watching Camilla rising in the public eye, so keep blogging about her, and love seeing how proud her mum is (and so proud of seeing the new site for Debs come together, hopefully before Christmas!). That “leading supermarket” that Gary referred to is Waitrose – lovely! I’d already downloaded the album from iTunes, so had been enjoying it, but now I can listen in the car too (no MP3 player!) – so thanks Camilla for my signed copy of your album! Hope you got a good sleep after your late night and early start – I wish I’d seen you in concert with Il Divo, but I knew I was never going to fit it in…


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