Academic Digital

Research & Innovation Centre, King Alfred’s College (2004)

Initially the remit was to design a site for postgraduate students, using a design that fitted in with the general College largely to provide clear information on teaching staff and courses. The remit became to design and structure a complete site for the R&I Centre, with a clear flow of information, with the same design, and to integrate the postgraduate pages within that.

  • Pages already existed for the R&I Centre, but there was no structure to the site, information was out of date, and many links were broken.
  • These pages were designed for use by staff and students concerned with research and funding in order to help them make the best use of the facilities and information available within the College.
  • Once the basic site was complete, editing privileges were given to others, and documentation was prepared explaining the structure, styles and ‘how to’ tips for the site to ensure a consistent look for the future.

The front page is different to the remaining pages on the site, although the buttons are the same to give consistency.

  • The pages were designed to be ‘fixed width’, suitable for smaller screens, again losing the flexibility of tables (although aesthetic sacrifices have to be made with tables).
  • Narrow versions of pages were given for the front page of each section (to encourage the use of succinct text), and a wider version prepared for when necessary.
  • In a later reconsideration of the site, it was decided that the narrow page versions (which fitted other College sites), did not allow enough space, leaving information looking ‘squashed’, and all pages became wide.
  • Time constraints on other members of R&I staff mean that most of the structure and content of the site is my idea. I have been careful to ensure usability, e.g. with file sizes provided to users.

The ‘Who’s Who’ section was provided for the staff within the R&I Centre (information is provided on postgraduate students, but no such ‘Who’s Who’ information).

  • Key fields were provided, and ‘editable areas’ were provided to ensure that the titles remain the same, whilst the relevant information can change.
  • Instructions were left as to the width that the image could be to fit within the fixed width space (with the height largely irrelevant), with this ‘Image Not Yet Available’ JPEG provided whilst awaiting appropriate photos.

The information is only available internally, although with the development of the new portal, relavant information will be extracted for the external site.