BBC Radio 4: Digital Human (Series 6:2014: Episode 1: Risk) #DigiHuman

Episode 1 Description Our brains are still running security software designed to protect us against lions, tigers and bears and we haven’t run an update for about 200,000 years. Aleks Krotoski explores how well it works when faced with the risks of the digital world. According David Ropeik author and risk communication expert at Harvard […]

Dan Gardner: Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear (2008)

Dan Gardner, a journalist, thinks that We are the healthiest, wealthiest, and longest-lived people in history. And we are increasingly afraid. This is one of the great paradoxes of our time. Identifying 9/11 as an example, he identifies how the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers sent people scurrying for their cars, rather than the […]