#RoyalWedding ROFL!

I’m not sure where this originated from (it’s all over the web today), but I thought it was hilarious (and I had been thinking that Prince William looked like he was in The Princess Diaries!)… Now, if you want to buy Princess Beatrice’s notorious hat, you can bid for it on ebay, current price £5000, […]

A story from @transpositions on #RoyalWedding memorabilia

Read the story here. An extract: I start with the obvious. Memorabilia primarily serves as an aid to remembering. I start here because memorabilia is often judged as being aesthetically deficient, which then levies judgment upon the person who purchased the item. Rather, an item’s capacity to call up memories of an event, a shared […]

How did the social media world react to the #RoyalWedding?

Did you get involved with the Royal Wedding? I saw a lot of people who had avowed that they weren’t going to get involved, vigorously tweeting & Facebooking about the event, and I watched much more of it than I anticipated, and went to a garden party in the afternoon! The social media available was […]