#BIGRead14: O Thou

Image Source: The Worship Cloud
Image Source: The Worship Cloud


Today’s poem can be hard to read – because Stephen appears to be trying to articulate something that’s hard to articulate:

O beginning!
O beauty!
O brilliance!

O wonder!
O presence!
O silence!

O mercy!
O wholeness!
O healing!

O energy!
O darkness!
O glory!

O friend!
O end!
O thou!

I chose the image above because it draws out the wonder of the intricacy of the smallest details (and believe me, as may occasionally be noted publicly – I’m not a detail person!)….


This morning, I have been watching Ruth Daniel explaining how she is changing the world, through music, through creativity, through co-operatives. I was fortunate to get to know Ruth when I worked at the University of Manchester – and Facebook has kept us in touch. Watch this and be inspired: