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Spotted in Sainsburys, in their Olympic selection:


Quick Response from @sainsburys

I had shopped in Sainsbury’s the week before, was given a £10 voucher, so thought I’d go back the following week and do my next lot of shopping (with a few store cupboard items to bring me up to the required £70 spend). I got to the til and was told that the voucher had expired the day before. Too tired to put anything back, I purchased, then tweeted my frustration that no one does their main shop in less than a week (and they must have enough data from my Nectar card to work out I shop for myself only!), and therefore the voucher should have at least 2 weeks on it… The following day I received:

On phoning them, they were very apologetic, and agreed that it was a strange expiry date (although according to the girl on the checkout, all like that). They offered a £5 voucher, but I said, considering the original voucher was for £10, that would be more appropriate… which he agreed to immediately. He gave me a clear idea of when the voucher would be with me, it turned up promptly, and has already been spent! Thanks Sainsbury’s (and they have also said they’ve passed the thoughts onto their marketing team… so we’ll see!)


Keep Calm and Carry On: Sainsbury’s

“Nectar, the loyalty card scheme backed by brands including Sainsbury’s and BP, is to launch an ad campaign timed to coincide with George Osborne’s cut-laden emergency budget today playing on the famous “Keep calm and carry on” wartime poster calling for British resolve.

The print campaign, which will run in nine press titles including the Sun, the Daily Mirror, Metro, the Times and the Telegraph features the strapline “Keep calm and carry one” against a background of Nectar’s brand colour purple and the loyalty card at the top of the ad.

The original poster, which was produced by the Ministry of Information in 1939, ran with a bright red background and sovereign crown aimed to instil a “chin up” attitude if the war turned for the worst.

Nectar’s campaign, which breaks first in the London Evening Standard this afternoon, aims to position the loyalty card as helping belt-tightening consumers get good deals in the new climate of austerity.”

Read story in the Guardian… maybe the timing is to go with the Emergency Budget!

It would have made the perfect safe sex campaign, but no, Nectar have picked up on the infamous Keep Calm and Carry On slogan. Renamed Keep Calm and Carry One, the campaign stars Corrie actress Tina O’Brien (oh yeah) and reminds customers to be clever with their pennies. Who’s Jack


Sainsbury’s, Nostalgic Advertising

Please help my Final Year Project/Dissertation student with her research. Helen Nicholls is considering nostalgic advertising in 2009 (we’re still developing the exact question, but will have a clearer idea once we have seen the research that she’s done in the Sainsbury’s Archive) in relation to the recession/companies that are stressing their longevity, and has decided to ask for responses via YouTube (either as a response video, or as a comment). I love seeing students using something they enjoy doing in order to carry out their research requirements… so please help!

The Adverts

Recap of the questions:

  1. How did you find the adverts?
  2. Do you think they were effective for keeping customers loyal (during the recession and tough money times)?
  3. Is there anything critical of the adverts you could suggest? (Maybe? you can think of gender/ethnic issues to highlight?)