[CANCER] It’s #Scanxiety Time Again #BreastCancer

I’m going to have to get used to this, as this will be a regular thing, every 3-6 months depending upon how often the oncologist thinks he needs to take a look at my internal workings! This scan feels SUPER HUGE as it will determine whether my first line of treatment has worked – has […]

[CANCER] Undergoing a full body scan for Spinal Metastatic Breast Cancer

At the base of my post the other day, I said that I will definitely be having stereotactic radiotherapy, assuming that a full body scan confirms the size of my tumour, and that there are non anywhere else (they have done a lot of scans, so I don’t think they’ll be expecting to find anything […]

[CANCER] Thinking in Metaphors … and Occupational Health

The other day I read Illness as Metaphor by Susan Sontag, and was interested at how the idea of things ‘being a cancer on society’, etc is a relatively new thing, and surrounds the fact that there is still so much we don’t understand about it … and that in the past tuberculosis held largely the […]

[CANCER] Semi-Phew: 90% Good Test Results

It’s been a long few weeks – and it’s not quite over yet! Yesterday I struggled to get out of bed – combination of fatigue, scanxiety, emotional exhaustion and a cold (first one since before diagnosis, because I’ve been staying out of people’s way!), although I did make it to Inspire Church’s Beer & Carols, […]