Essay Feedback via Screencasting

Interesting – have seen a few people experimenting with on-screen marking – general consensus was took longer – but this article indicates actually starting to save time: A simple, inexpensive technique allowing lecturers to record personalised video feedback while marking papers is being used to improve the student experience, and could be scaled up to […]

Creating a Narrated PowerPoint using Jing

Jing is simple screencasting software offered on a ‘freemium’ basis, i.e. there’s a free version with reduced functionality (all files are exported as .swfs), or a paid version ($14.95pa) which allows you to export your files as MP4s, and therefore upload into YouTube. A nice video here for how to use the software to create […]

Lim Teoh – Screencasting

I attended a BLS lunchtime seminar which gave an overview of Blended Learning activities ongoing in the Faculty. Lim Teoh has been investigating the use of screencasting to provide feedback (I would think of JING for this, but max 5 minute screencast, Camstudio offers longer, but bit more complicated) Complaints timeliness of return of feedback, […]