Sceptics start to see the other side of Second Life

Study finds virtual learning environments taking off despite dogged hostility. Hannah Fearn reports Hostility between academics who advocate teaching through virtual worlds and those who scorn the idea is being blamed for holding back the evolution of higher education. The warning comes despite evidence that universities are slowly embracing virtual environments such as Second Life […]

Cheer Up Monday

This is quite an old video, but very funny, and immediately recognisable for anyone who’s bumped their way around Second Life!

Digital Media Trends 2.0

Following some of the feedback I received yesterday, I have re-edited some of this – it’s never going to be perfect, and I have marking to do, but I hope to develop this into something usable for the University of Winchester! Current trends in digital media focus upon crowd-sourcing, collaboration and bottom-up approaches to material. […]

Learner Love/Hate Relationship with Virtual Worlds

“Ask a learner who has been in a virtual world what they think and you may hear that they love that they get to explore new places and meet new people. Ask another and you might hear that they hate feeling disoriented or even nauseated. These individual anecdotes can be lively, funny and curious—but they […]