[BOOK REVIEW] Don Matzat, Christ Esteem: Where the Search for Self-Esteem Ends, 1990

christ-esteemSimply, this extract:

The Christian’s Personal Identity

I believe that in Christ Jesus my sins have been fully and freely forgiven, and I am a new creation. I have died with Christ to my old identity in Adam. I have been raised with Christ to a new life. I am seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. God has given me the full righteousness of Jesus Christ. I am joined with angels, archangels, and all the saints in heaven. God is my Father, AND IF HE IS FOR ME, WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME? Because of who I am in Christ, I am more than a conqueror. In fact, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. Christ Jesus is my life! Everything in my life here on this earth is working out for good according to the purposes of God. Christ Jesus himself dwells within me. I have been called according to the purposes of God. These things I believe and confess, because God, my Father in heaven, says they are true.


This identity that you have just confessed is true regardless of your day-to-day living. This is the meaning of grace. We are not worthy to be spoken of in this fashion. God does not look at us and declare that these things are true – He is looking at Jesus. As we look at Jesus, we see what God sees. We identify ourselves as God identifies with us. If you should fall, your identity has not changed, no matter what the devil might try to tell you. Rise up! Brush yourself off. Receive your forgiveness. Lift up your eyes to the throne and go on your way rejoicing.