Focusing for October

So, this year, pretty much everything that I’m doing is digital, so I’m starting to be a bit more strategic about what I’m doing, and allowing my projects to inform each other…. I’m really looking forward to reading @unmarketing’s book (see right), as I’ve never been a fan of marketing, it’s always been about the […]

Hungarian priest gets on skateboard to connect

Post first identified for Super Fun Days Out, a company for which I am the Social Media Strategist. I’ve been a bit distracted from it over the past few months, which doesn’t really work for social media, so yesterday I spent some time, getting a few things shipshape again for it. Meantime, the others on […]

Super Fun Days Out: Love Life… Live It!

Recently, I have been appointed as a partner, and the New Media Strategist for Super Fun Days Out, covering the blog (coming shortly), Twitter, and Bookmarking, starting with Delicious. Super Fun Days Out is a free online adrenaline-directory, covering more than 2,000 UK companies who provide adventure sports. Rather than taking commission, SFDO (#sfdo) provides […]