#EasterMeans : You Go Before Me, My Guardian

Last night I put together a simple online service for Easter Sunday afternoon (join us 1pm) – I was tempted to add this – my favourite song from Spring Harvest this year, but there’s already quite a lot of song, so… : Find out where to purchase this song.

#BIGRead14: Mysterious Cross #sh2014 #eastermeans

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem focuses upon the Cross, and the complacency that so many of us of us have towards it because of its familiarity – and an encouragement to re-engage with its mystery: Mysterious cross, you hold my stare, reflect it back. your unfathomable eyes, like the blackest of holes, draw me in, draw me […]

#SH2014: "There's no place for faith in our public life" with @drbexl

Today’s lecture “There’s no place for faith in our public life” at Spring Harvest (Minehead 3), around 100 people attended, and got some good engagement going (I missed out the middle discussion). The abstract said Some people now argue that, because we’re living a post-Christian secular culture, Christians shouldn’t be allowed a voice in discussions […]