It’s My Bag!

As you know, I use this blog as a bit of a scrapbook. I have a huge pile of business cards, of which I’m trying to throw some away, but I wanted to make note of this company. Based in Eastleigh, was at the Winchester Christmas markets. I’d tried buying 2-3 different “leather” bags […]

Divine Chocolate with Raspberries

What a find, what a find! I first came across this particular bar of chocolate (new this year) at Greenbelt, and purchased a bar for £1 (which seemed very reasonable, although there was an even better offer of 6 for £5), just to see (it’s £1.69 in shops)! I LOVE raspberries, so thought I might […]

Winchester Festival 2009

Yesterday, I took a little wander into town to check out the Contemporary Art, Craft and Design Fair (finishes today 6pm), which runs as a part of the Winchester Festival. I find it difficult to find belts that I like, that fit, and that I’m not allergic to (and that I can afford), and I […]