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[MEDIA] Talking Shortform Text with @PetrieHosken on @BBCRadioLondon

It was a loooooong journey back from Suffolk yesterday, so I was still asleep when my phone rang at 9.15am (I’d missed the earlier text as my phone doesn’t give any notifications between 11pm and 9am), from BBC London, asking if I could respond to the story that David Attenborough says he doesn’t understand textspeak (or emojis).

You can hear the interview here:

You can listen to the full programme here – I’m on just after the news at 9,30am.

TIL, if you’re wondering, is ‘Today I learned’…, and if we’d specifically got to emojis, I might have talked about how wartime posters are evidence of a visual shorthand language that we’ve learnt, and that emojis are a new form of this.

I also referred to the Urban Dictionary.

A few notes on my Facebook (for FB friends only).

Oh, and if you want to see how elegantly I was turned out: