Fees & Tech: USA?

It appears that a combination of new technologies, and fee rises in the UK are encouraging more to look to the States: Professor McAuliffe said that once this was taken into account, students might actually be charged “a good deal less” in the US. She added that the admissions process was also changing with the […]

Travelling in the Digital Age

On Saturday I was supposed to fly to Egypt. Snow hemmed us in (yes, Wimba can help with meetings, etc. but it can’t get us physically to places… !), and I’m still in the UK, trying to find out if our new flight on Wednesday is going. There are a raft of digital tools at […]

3 Ways Educators are Embracing Social Technology

“The modern American school faces rough challenges. Budget cuts have caused ballooning class sizes,  many teachers struggle with poorly motivated students, and in many schools a war is being waged on distracting technologies. In response, innovative educators are embracing social media to fight back against the onslaught of problems. Technologies such as Twitter and Skype […]