Slow Cooking

On my to-do list for this year was to try and cook more of my own food (especially that which is then freezable). I’ve never been a fan of ready meals, and especially after having a couple this weekend (I was tired & they were in the reduced section.. Taste the Difference Steak & Ale Dumplings – the meat was so horrible I left it – rest was nice!), I have been having a go with some of my other recipe books – my big plan was to sit down & make bit lists, mark off big sections, etc… but instead, having learnt that I need to do things in more bite-size chunks, I’ve instead picked a handful of recipes from Katie Bishop’s ‘Easy Slow Cooker Recipes‘, including the following, which is a squash, spinach and prawn curry – really nice!

I’m looking forward to getting some more recipes from a friend’s blog (didn’t realise it was hers til today), which works with British ingredients – they look gooooooooooooood!