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Freshers need £3500 of "essential" equipment…

Anthony Catterson, eXpansys chief executive, said: “Clearly, the lives and associated costs for the average university student have changed dramatically in the last ten years.

“In 2010 a laptop and a smartphone capable of accessing the internet and social media are no longer seen as luxuries – they are considered essential student kit; as essential as stationary, pots, pans and bedding.

“The cost of going to university is huge for any student and, for many of them, would simply not be possible without the help of their parents and grandparents, who often fund the essentials before they finally leave home for their new life of independence and study.”

The study refers to this generation of students as “igrads” because of the need for gadgets and reveals the top two pieces of equipment needed are a laptop computer and a smartphone, such as a BlackBerry, which together cost £900.

On top of that, internet access, a mobile phone contract and accessories such as cables and printers are also necessary.

Read full story. What do you think, is such equipment “essential”? I have to say that with the module Manipulating Media, we’re working on the assumption that students have extensive access to the online world, and that there will be a substantial number of smartphones amongst the group, and I currently have an iPad to test out, as we’re anticipating that a number of students will bring those! I always found it very amusing when I worked on an IT support desk, on which we took payments for printing, that students would come up talking about how skint they were, covered in every designer label you could think of & clasping the latest phone…