What could @HeathrowAirport learn from the Blitz?

The image below looks rather familiar from all the images at Heathrow Airport over the last few days (thankfully I was able to get home, and not get stuck there).  The story has just run on BBC London News, investigating Christmas 1940 down the Tube. Initially customers had to break down barriers as officials weren’t […]

Free Snow?

Thanks to Helen Hobbs for bringing this to my attention…  Wonder if I should sell melted snow… but it doesn’t seem to be bringing in much (where did you get “Latest bid is £830,100.00” from, Helen?) ! Love the way it is categorised under sporting goods and skiing accessories – have had many a good […]

“Keep Calm and Carry On” in the #uksnow

Watching the havoc that has been wrought in the UK over a few inches of snow (although I’m not necessarily advocating spending huge amounts for the infrequent amount of time these things happen), I wondered if anyone had picked up “Keep Calm and Carry On” as a slogan, and the Mirror has: “Keep Calm And […]

More Snow in Winchester

OK, now I think I want to go and see what is outside – get the ski gear on I think?! I did put my salopettes and ski jacket on… felt nicely wrapped up as I headed out… See also Adrenablog.