Digital Delivery of Resources in the Developing World

Whilst universities in the UK consider how to survive in “the current economic climate”, digital technology and Open Educational Resources is making a huge contribution to the developing world: Widening access to higher education is one of the great global challenges of the 21st century. Higher education is the key to creating the educated and […]

Sim Stewart @cofacio #likeminds

Sim Stewart cofacio – a help engines for organizations People are facing: Information overload Speed of change Time poor A new system where can find people looking for same kind of issues. Why? Once you remove the barriers people like to help each other. Why not? No reason why can’t just do things for fun […]

acts435 // charity

Acts 435: The Charity Acts 435 is designed to help us fulfil Christ’s calling and give to those in need. I hope and pray that it will be a wonderful blessing to those on the receiving end of these gifts of love. May it also be a source of joy to the donors as they […]

7 Up on the 7th (@7up7th)

This seems like a simple social media idea that could work – be interesting to see how fast it gathers steam – a simple idea on Facebook and Twitter: “Pick up 7 pieces of trash on 7th of every month”.

Doh, a Dear…

Thanks Pennie Ley for the reminder of this video – seen it before – can’t help but smile when you watch it!  Reminds me of the Winchester Flashmob.