Blog Action Day: October 15

What a great idea! I was just reading the blog of ‘Socks for Happy People’ (what a great concept in itself, and I’ve been watching it’s development with interest), and I thought what a great use for mass social action. Social Media is still rather in an experimental phase, so it’s interesting to see what works, and what doesn’t work!

Blog Action Day‘ was launched in 2007, and last year, with the number of RSS subscribers (and bearing in mind that some don’t subscribe, but just read through, e.g. Facebook links, Twitter posts, etc.) they potentially reached 14 million people – pretty powerful, eh?

So, now, I need to think of an appropriate topic to write about for that day. I saw Al Gore’s film the other week, and we’ve discussed quite a lot recently, so maybe I need to crowdsource information from friends!