Guy Saward (@guy75) – Social Bookmarking #iblc10

COLLAB & SOCIAL BOOKMARKING – Guy Saward What/Why? Pilots Impact on teaching & learning Practitioner in teaching, manages lots of daily information, business/IT background… Online resources – accessible anywhere in the world (losing information between machines). Do the students have the same needs? How do they save bookmarks? Use in multiple contexts? Online (social) bookmarking? […]

Diigo: Research Techniques

Diigo V4: Research ~ annotate, archive, organize from diigobuzz on Vimeo. I thought that Diigo was very much like Digg and Delicious, so hadn’t looked into it all this much, but this video explains how much more can be done with Diigo, and I can see real potential for use in online research, a real […]