[VIDEO] 'Look Up' H/T @RWileECoyote

“You’re awake and attentive, and putting your time to good use.” It’s entirely possible to do this with a mix of offline/online living, and the number of conversations that have been triggered on a train whilst I am looking at something on my phone, and end up comparing notes with someone opposite/next to me (which can often be a bit damaging to my chances of getting whatever piece of presentation I am trying to complete done!).

It’s all about BALANCE and about MAKING GOOD CHOICES with the technology that you use, ensuring that it is your slave, and not your master … which can happen with many other technologies (e.g. slumped in front of the TV – social media has made that more conversational and interactive). It’s important to be PRESENT wherever you are present, whether that is online or offline…. There’s some good points in this video, but it tips too far to the negative for my taste – for a more balanced look, please check out my book – which has met a lot of positive feedback!