Brief Reflection on Conference/Event Blogging/Social Media

I’ve had some interesting experiences at recent conferences (reverse chronological order, although I also wrote the most recent last)! JISC E-Learning Fair My iPhone was still awaiting repair/replacement, and as there was a £15 fee to use the wireless, I decided I’d stick with pen and paper, but when it then took quite some time […]

Camilla Kerslake: Social Media Savvy!

Earlier this year I trained a life coach with Serenergise, run by Deborah Kerslake and her team (I’ve seriously been encouraging Debs on Twitter!), so I have had the privilege of meeting Camilla (one of the nicest people ever), and have watched with baited breath as this all came together, and am now fascinated to see how Camilla […]


In reading other’s Twitter updates, I came across an interesting tool: “Portwiture“, which reads your recent tweets (I’m not sure how recent, but I tried this out yesterday and today, and the images had changed significantly, so I’m assuming it works on the most recent tweets only) and turns them into a pictorial montage. At […]

Linked In

Social Networking Sites So, all social networking sites have different functions? I use Twitter as a push/pull news source and for relationship building with people who are interested in the same things as me, whereas I use Facebook for people I already know to continue to build those relationships, and of course there are many […]

ALT-C 2009: In Dreams Begin Responsibility

Watching ALT-C 2009, streaming live from the University of Manchester, from today through Thursday 10th August 2009. There’s also some other sessions being streamed via UStream. Follow the stream on Twitter. (#altc2009 seems to be the main hashtag, but there are other’s noted!). Beware of the concept of Digital Natives: