Childhood in the Digital Age (Week 1) #FLdigitalkid15

This four-week course from the OU draws upon the expertise of a developmental psychologist, and a researcher in early literacy – both different aspects from mine, which comes from that of a social media/communications specialist looking at what children/those shaping their environment need to understand in order to ‘enjoy the best and avoid the worst’ […]

Developing social media literacy: How children learn to interpret risky opportunities on social network sites. (@Livingstone_S)

The widespread use of social networking sites (SNSs) by children and young people has significantly reconfigured how they communicate, with whom and with what consequences. Drawing on cross-national interviews and informed by the tradition of research on media literacy, I will discuss the idea of social media literacy. The empirical material reveals a social developmental […]

#DigitalParenting 'Children, Risk & Safety on the Internet' (2012)

Sonia Livingstone is one of the early pioneers investigating the use of computers within the family (when many had focused upon schools), and has been consulted by government on a range of related policies. This book is deeply interesting, with quite a lot of detail, based upon the ‘EU Kids Online’ Project, where 25,000 children […]