[TOOLBOX] Speedo Fit

2016-01-14 19.31.23So, gradually thinking about some of the apps that I have on my phone… some very ‘quick & dirty’ reviews of what they are and where they get used.

The ‘Speedo app‘ has been available for quite some time (originally under another name, but I can’t remember what)! I remember adding it to my iPad, because it was (is?) only available on iOs … and I had Android phones for most of the last 4-5 years… one problem with this is that I never remembered to add my swimming, because I had to go and get my iPad. Now I’m back on an iPhone, let’s start using it again!

Yesterday I went for my first swim since I moved from Durham (where I used to go swimming 2-3 times per week) … headed for the Manchester Aquatics Centre – which has a 50m pool, but typically is divided into 25m pools … still, surprisingly feels a lot further. Slightly frustratingly when I went to enter the data into the app, the Aquatics Centre isn’t on the system … so I’m curious how the data is entered.

2016-01-14 20.55.35One, however, can add swims manually – swiping left/right to find your numbers (I’m guessing it thinks you’ll be fairly consistent in distances!) and then log your swim.

2016-01-14 20.52.19If you’re into ‘gamification’, you can choose yourself a challenge (I randomly picked the Irish Sea Swim) and each time you log, it indicates how far along you are… and if you want to, add a friend and challenge each other to finish faster?! I’m more interested in challenging myself than others… though socialising with exercise definitely makes me go more!

The app integrates with the ‘Health’ feature that comes by default with your iPhone … so if you’re into quantifying all your exercise… there’s one for you! I’ll be interested to see if I keep using this app, as I’m not overly interested in quantifying my fitness (no Fitbit for me thanks), but I like the idea of saying that I’ve swum the Irish Sea!

What fitness-type apps do you enjoy using?