#EmptyShelf17 #31 Musings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my own by @alianoree

I had this for a while, then really enjoyed reading it over a couple of weeks:

Musings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my ownMusings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my own by Nell Goddard
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I’m not a clergy child (although I do know Nell), and I enjoyed reading this book. I know a lot of clergy and their children and I can imagine always seeming to come after the congregation’s needs for everything can be really frustrating. Nell engages with this with a lovely mix of humour, vulnerability and spiritual insights. I read it over the course of a couple of weeks in the evening (it doesn’t have to be read in order, though I did), and I particularly enjoyed the musings at the end (turned down several page corners for later) – other clergy children reading this won’t necessarily have the same experience, but enough overlap to not feel so alone. And congregations – also good for you to read and realise that clergy also have other aspects to their lives and we can help make their lives easier too!

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[ENDORSEMENT] Spirituality in Photography: Taking Pictures with Deeper Vision

I was pleased to receive my copy of this book by Philip J Richter today, which I endorsed earlier this year (publisher’s site, Amazon link):

There are a number of endorsers for this book: Vernon White, myself, Odette Lockwood-Stewart, David Holgate, Miranda Threllfall-Holmes, Roman Williams, James Prescott, Andy Longe and Patrick Moore:


[VIDEO] What effect is the digital revolution having on our everyday lives?

These videos look like they could be worth watching, from the Forum of Christian Leaders:

Digital Life(style)

Apple (no, not the Mac Version): "Feed Me"… Digital Obesity!

Apple (the occasional night looking at technology, spirituality and the world we live in) 9 considers information consumption.
  • We have a huge number of feeds coming in via mobiles, the web, email, RSS… But what are we doing with this glut of data?
  • With the drip-feed of read text from books and newspapers, our brains were able to assimilate the information and reflect in depth on it, drawing it into knowledge.
  • Now, with the advent of hyper-text and the web’s ‘ecosystem of interruption technologies’ studies show that though we have faster data flows, we are unable to process it and turn information into joined-up thought.
  • Does this matter for ‘people of the book’? Are we becoming less reflective, and thus growing digitally obese?
Simon Jenkins ( Gavin O’Carrol (the Digital Health Service) and Jenny Brown (The Awesome Web Company) will debate the issues… with the usual great beer and food, upstairs at The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road.
See more at the Apple site, or Twitter feed: @appletmp. I’m hoping to go, just trying to work out if I can balance my time!!