[SPEAKER] Discipleship in a Digital Age at @SpringHarvest #SH2018

In August, I had to cancel all my upcoming speaking engagements, and I'm not sure that I'll be able to do (m)any the next academic year as I adjust to being back at work, but I'm looking forward to this short session at Spring Harvest Harrogate this afternoon on a very familiar topic: Discipleship in a Digital Age for Spring Harvest Harrogate 2018 from Bex Lewis

[HARROGATE] Discipleship in a Digital Age with @SpringHarvest

Health permitting, I'll be running a half-hour session at Spring Harvest Harrogate: A disciple is one who seeks to learn and live the teachings of Jesus Christ in all aspects of life. Drawing upon Romans 12:1-2, which in The Message translation calls for us to ‘take your everyday, ordinary life’, we reflect upon how we ‘do’ discipleship in ‘a digital age’. We consider how the medium impacts the message, and vice versa, including how it…