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Re-imagining Learning #altc2011

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Representing the Curriculum (JISC)

Assuming the slides for these will be online somewhere… Will start on JISC.

Pragmatic vs educational elements of designing the curriculum.

Who are the stakeholders curriculum development (photo)? Are systematic problems in creating new curricula, especially dealing with vague ‘QA’ statements.

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Corporate IT well removed from learning, don’t understand the job of the university. Produces 8 page doc – causes unrest!! Brought in central name to co-ordinate:

More stakeholder involvement in curriculum & processes that surrounded it. Clearer story of learning outcomes & fit with employer needs.

City University London (predict)

Exploring design principles for effective delivery, getting the academics more involved in seeing that this isn’t tick-boxing but an effective exercise which communicates outcomes well. Change management processes to allow embedding.

The word ‘curriculum’ means different things to different people. Student programme? What we teach them? Wanted to reach a shared understanding.

Staff started to think about the course more holistically and what the programme philosophy was. Considered what students needed to do. Didn’t badge as ‘yet another project’ but piggybacked on other initiatives within the university so aligned with current uni concerns.

Worked with students – as demonstrated by NUS data – in curriculum design … Practical effects.

Dynamic Learning Maps: Newcastle University

Giving students real choice in how they engage. Promoting cross-module learning, mapping go transferable grad skills.

Map what students should already know – not unintended duplication of material. Interactive & participating environment – distinguish between what’s core curriculum and what’s other.

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Open University Learning Design Initiative

Complex & challenging processes involving range of stakeholders with different interests. Terms & concepts don’t mean the same thing to everyone. Design is a messy interactive process – different aspects of design focused upon by different users. No ‘one size fits all’ possible.

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