[REPORT] The Communications Market 2015 (Ofcom)

A useful 400+ page report from Ofcom, lots of insights into digital access, and use – I thought I’d highlight some of the key findings related to social media here (as laid out in the document): More than seven in ten adult internet users (72%) have a social media profile, and social media use is […]

[RESEARCH REPORT] Connected Kids by @Childwise

I used some the Childwise data quite extensively in my research for┬áRaising Children in a Digital Age, so keen to read this report once I get a chance: Our latest Special Report – Connected Kids, highlights the progressions of the last 20 years, using past data to make predictions of how children will interact with […]

Social Media in the UK 2010

As many of the comments on YouTube indicate, the sources for this info haven’t been given, but the video is well made! Enjoy some more stats…

Howlett, P. Fighting with Figures London: HMSO, 1995

If you want to know any statistics about the Second World War, then this is the place to look! The Central Statistical Office arose out of the Ministry of Information, which was formed at the outbreak of the Second World War (after a lot of pre-war planning)and this book is a result of all the […]