[BOOK REVIEW] Status Update

This looks really interesting – based on interviews in Silicon Valley: With the tech world’s cherished myths of meritocracy, democracy, authenticity and countercultural spirit firmly in her sights, Marwick, a former postdoctoral researcher at Microsoft, starts by tracing the origins of internet culture in the hacker community and the creators of zines and other cultural […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] How does Facebook Edgerank Work?

Wondering why some status updates appear in your Facebook feed, and why some don’t? Check out this infographic which explains how Facebook accords different ‘weight’ to different status updates: Wonderingf 

White, Black, Pink with Polka Dots?

Having participated in this a couple of days ago, and seen most of my friends participate, I think most people know what was going on with the colour status updates in Facebook. Having watched a debate go on through a message feed (someone who felt that it was insensitive), I came across this article, which […]