[CANCER] Week 3 of Treatment: Plodding Along

And there we are, another week has passed since I blogged, so I’m now 3/18 treatments of the current plan (before I get scanned, and we see if this drug is doing anything, and if it is, we keep going). Friday/Weekend So, still making sure I get out for that little walk every day (Fri/Sat […]

[CANCER] Moving Forward Course with @BCCare

So today, I’ve just finished the ‘Moving Forward‘ course run in partnership between Breast Cancer Care and hospital trusts (Stockport in my case). For 3 hours over the past 4 weeks, around 12 of us have gathered in a (rather hot and stuffy) room at Stepping Hill Hospital to think about where next. In the […]

[CANCER] Further Surgery #BreastCancer

This afternoon I signed yet another consent form, though I was pleased that ‘death’ wasn’t listed as one of the side effects this time… just possible allergic reaction, etc. etc. – oh and likely slow healing of the wound due to chemotherapy. Surgery During Chemotherapy? Cancer teams are not keen on any form of surgery […]