Sugata Mitra: Education is not broken…

Would a person with good handwriting, spelling and grammar and instant recall of multiplication tables be considered a better candidate for a job than, say, one who knows how to configure a peer-to-peer network of devices, set up an organisation-wide Google calendar and find out where the most reliable sources of venture capital are, I […]

Brilliant Presentation by @timbuckteeth

Researching Social Media in Education: What can we learn? View more PowerPoint from Steve Wheeler Such a good presentation, it made it to the front page of Slideshare!

Teacher Responses to New Technologies

John, P.D. and Wheeler, S. (2008) The Digital Classroom: Harnessing Technology for the Future Abingdon: Routledge p. 2 In talking about the need to avoid technological determinism, the authors identify four types of teacher response to new technologies. “First are the enthusiasts. They see the enormous potential in digital technology and try to master its […]