IT & Communication Services, University of Winchester (2003-2004)

In Summer 2003, following positive feedback for the IT Centre website work, I was asked to redesign the ITCS website in totality. I went through the old site to define the information that appeared most useful. I visited different sections of ITCS to assess their requirements for information to be available on the ITCS website, […]

IT Centre, King Alfred's College (2001-2003)

These pages were part of a much larger site for the ITCS department, designed for use by students, in order to help them make the best use of the IT facilities available within the College, focusing in on the range of services provided and software tips. Using Government training funds, I’d had 6 hours of […]

Learning at the University of Winchester (2009)

35 hours were offered to overhaul and streamline the learning and teaching section of the University of Winchester portal in January 2009, taking a muddled and visually uninspiring set of pages, and making them usable and functional, within the University portal structure. I have since been employed for a few hours a month to maintain […]