Travelblog (2006-2008)

Dr Bex Lewis maintained a travelblog whilst she travelled first around the UK, then around the globe on a RTW ticket, and then around Europe as a tour leader.

Law at the University of Winchester (2007)

Following discussions with David Chalk, I produced an online presence for the new law degree at the University of Winchester in under 10 hours, using information prepared for print, re-purposing/structuring for the web, and uploading information using the University’s Content Management System. I suggested appropriate image types, which were then provided by the University marketing […]

Web Usability (2001-2002)

These pages are the result of a 5 month project investigating what makes a web page usable, and thus effective. Members of staff in all departments of the University of Winchester (formerly King Alfred’s College/University College Winchester) were questioned as to the use that they would possibly make of webpage design (within teaching, research, and […]

WW2Poster Blog (2009-2010)

Having been quoted in the Daily Express, I started to track the success of the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan. With time, I will add some of the material that I collected for my PhD thesis to this blog (although preferably not losing out on publication opportunities). This blog is designed to complement my […]