#EmptyShelf 2016 #2: @SuePerkins – Spectacles

sue-perkins-spectaclesI received Sue PerkinsĀ Spectacles: A Memoir (Penguin, 2015) for Christmas, and I enjoyed reading it over the course of the last couple of evenings (before term kicks in, and I end up reading seminar-prep books instead!).

Right from the off, you could hear gentle giggles as I read my way through this book – as she talked to her family about if they were happy about how they might appear, and the gentle ribbing as she attempted a couple of pages representing them as they would like to have been!

Having just read David Mitchell’sĀ Backstory – I was already aware of the importance of ‘Footlights’ at Cambridge, so enjoyed reading more about that, and the Edinburgh Fringe (which I managed to go to August 2015 – and went to a comedy show at 10am (or was it 10.05am?!)), and the gentle journey into television comedy.

I enjoyed hearing more from behind-the-scenes of various TV shows I’m familiar with as a viewer – yes, including Bake-Off, and particularly enjoyed reminders of what it was like to travel in Vietnam and Laos … especially that sudden change as one crosses the border – noticed in more than one nation!

A mix of gentle comedy – especially with regards to road rage – and I could hardly contain myself re the journey with the poor dog D&V’ing everywhere, with a certain amount of vulnerability – about the family, pets, relationships, Twitter trolling – I enjoyed it, but darn you Sue – I stayed up late to finish it – I need more sleep!

So … as Sue hears everywhere she goes… let’s all say it together … BAAAAAAKE