[RESEARCH] Simple Survey into Social Media and Spiritual Formation (#Surveillance)

The other day I submitted a paper, resulting from the ‘Surveillance and Religion Conference‘ in Edinburgh earlier this year, on social media and spiritual formation. It’s useful to get some insights into what people think, to add a little colour, but also to trigger new avenues of thought that can be connected with pre-existing academic […]

[SURVEY] Christian Media Survey 2016 #Chsocm

Following hot on the heels of David Gile’s survey into faith and social media use, here’s a short survey about Christian media use from Chris Goswami of 7minutes.net. I’m looking forward to seeing more results from both surveys.

[Survey] Putting Your Faith in Social Media with @FaithSocialMedia

It’s been good to chat to David Giles about some of the directions that his research is taking, and here’s an opportunity to participate. His about page says: Putting Your Faith in Social Media┬áis a research project by David Giles, a postgraduate Media Communications student at the University for the Creative Arts in Surrey, UK […]

Out for the count

Having used a variety of social surveys, which would not have occurred were it not for the national census – this is concerning: An Office for National Statistics consultation on the future of the UK census could spell the end of a 200-year-old social-science experiment. The risk is quite real: during our recent inquiry into […]